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Remote desktop support

ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS’s Support Options Overview:

Expertise and Responsiveness

ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS product customers can expect the highest and quickest level of support from ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS. Our # 1 reason our products and services come so highly recommended is the expert support and personal attention we provide to all of our customers. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and meticulous logging and follow through of your issues and needs.

24 x 7 support

ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS offers 24 x 7 customer support. You will find a live ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS support person always on staff and on the phone and or web ready to help when you need it. Most calls are immediately patched through to an experienced on call service person. On site service is also sometimes provided when required, requested or needed, however most issues can be handled effectively & immediately via phone and web.

Advanced CRM

Customers can take advantage of our leading edge customer service technology allowing them to view their customer details, history, and issue management.

Bug/ enhancement request logging and tracking

Customers can also provide and input ideals for product enhancements or bugs which will be provided via a direct link to the appropriate programmers. An unheard of practice in the radiology industry but this method of development what gives us the edge in providing the features and quality performance customers seek and desire.


Customers can also search our new and growing product knowledge base for help.

Web remote desktop support

Our web support is second to none with the ability to directly within 3 clicks of a mouse login to your desktop to view and work with your computer as if we were right there over your shoulder. The connection requires no special software and provides 100% HIPAA compliance with the application’s HTTPS encryption. It can even work through Firewalls and even in facilities with the highest of security requirements.

PCA system support

All of ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS’s sold systems have PC Anywhere 11 installed which provides HIPAA compliance with it’s onboard encryption and are monitored 24 x 7 via our advanced system monitoring tool.

High Quality Systems

ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS uses nothing but the best and latest technology when building our systems. Name brand systems sometimes use lower quality off brand parts and do not provide the best redundancy for business use. Or on the other hand you have some name brand companies who provide high quality redundant systems that are overpriced and under supported.
Our stance is to provide the hardware at a higher quality level close to ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS cost to ensure the successful installation and long term performance and standardization and support of our product implementations.

In ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS’s view just because the hardware has the word medical in front of it does not mean we have to mark it up 200%. You will find that our hardware solutions provide the highest quality name brand parts and configurations at the same or lower than the market price of most vendors in the market. This provides the end customer with the peace of mind and single point of contact when an issue arises. With ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS there is no pointing the finger at someone else. When there is an issue we fix it from the top to the bottom.

Redundancy, proactive monitoring, & planning

ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS has a proactive attitude when it comes to support by monitoring our systems, trying to prevent issues before they happen, having plenty of redundancy measures in place, and a back up protocol in place when an issue does arise. Our planned experienced approach makes the statement that, With hardware, software & communications it is not a question of if a system will have an issue it is a question of when and how to best to provide the most effective inoperatability measures to limit the amount of system downtime.