The growth and success of ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS 3D is built on its technology, which allows the rapid rendering and display of 3D medical scan images from computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) positron emission tomography (PET) on standard PC hardware or embedded into PACS.

This technological advantage is being exploited in its own product offerings, ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS 3D 3D integrated by major medical imaging original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) into their PACS workstations.

ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS 3D’s flagship product, delivering gold-standard MIP, MPR and 3D color volume rendering.

With partnerships that encompass the majority of the world’s leading PACS vendors, ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS 3D 3D integrates seamlessly into your radiology environment and beyond. ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS 3D integrated into the PACS workflow or on a site-wide and multi-site wide basis eliminates the need to walk to separate workstation for MRP and 3D review, increasing workflow efficiency and faster radiologist review.