ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS’s Medical Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of radiology image management systems. With more than 700 installations ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS is one of the handful companies in the world to offer a complete PACS solution. Today, hundreds of radiology departments around the world use ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS’s PACS on a daily basis. ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS’s PACS furnishes a robust, reliable, film-free system to help address the healthcare’s industry’s most pressing challenges.

The workhorse of the VIDAR product line, the DiagnosticPRO Advantage digitizes film two times faster than previous models and can handle mixed-size films, allowing for more productivity and greater efficiency.

iCRco’s full line of film scanner solutions

Clinton Electronics manufactures a complete line of Grayscale Medical Displays in both CRT and LCD technologies.

Provide High Resolution Monitors.

Provide Furniture for Radiology.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 Medical Solutions speech recognition software is a powerful productivity tool that enables healthcare professionals to work faster and more efficiently.

PowerScribe Workstation from Dictaphone is a speech recognition system that was built from the ground up for radiology.