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Silicon Valley MRI & CT

15405 Los Gatos Blvd., Suite 104 Los Gatos, CA 95032


Silicon Valley MRI & CT is a PACS (Picture Archive Communications System) / RIS (Radiology Information System) customer of ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS and also uses a Vidar Film Digitizer Station and the DVD archive feature and functionality of the PACS CD/ DVD products ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS offers. Each DVD-R stores one month of data at Silicon Valley MRI & CT.

Kash Kanani, Director of Information Technology at Silicon Valley MRI and CT, a busy freestanding Imaging Center in Los Gatos, CA. After two years of researching archive systems, Kash was disappointed by the lack of flexibility offered by “solutions” in marketplace. He felt that vendors expected his facility to conform to pre-established configurations that didn?t fit his needs.

I knew what I wanted, and what our budget would allow,” he explained. “I couldn’t seem to find anything simple enough to use, within our price range. Every system offered more bells and whistles than we needed, wanted, or felt we should have to pay for. Many vendors were too expensive and inflexible to work with us.” With his first call a committed, working partnership was established. Kash’s multi-level challenges were discussed in detail. Silicon Valley MRI and CT was in dire need of DICOM storage that could manage the increased output of their new CT scanner and work with the equipment they had in place, but scale up as the facility expanded. Kash needed more DICOM storage and management features, but couldn’t justify or afford an overblown price tag, or downtime for install. They were in crucial need of an intelligent, viable solution. ACTIONRAD SOLUTIONS offers easily integrated, open-architecture DICOM bundled, all powered by the same DICOM software to fit each customer’s specific needs. Immediately, an evaluation of Kash’s needs was reviewed and a configuration for a PACS CD Archive that would work with Kash’s current imaging equipment was suggested. To Kash’s relief, every product vendor took the necessary time to properly analyze and respond to each of his issues. “After all of the brick walls I’d hit during my research, I was really pleased with the level of personal attention and involvement from all vendors. The installation provided was smooth and surprisingly simple. Thanks to the flexibility and integrity of the vendor, we spent about one third of what we had anticipated!.

Whether serving a clinic or large facility, customers can draw from our full DICOM line, according to capacity, hardware preference, and price point, to hit their target needs. And they can add as many solutions in the same environment as they want. All hardware options are supported by the same software suite. This means total compatibility?and no finger-pointing if something isn’t working.

Kashyap P. Kanani, R.T., Director of Information Technology, Silicon Valley MRI & CT